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Like a thermos, the pot and lid are made of high quality insulated stainless steel. The patented thermal technology gives you flexibility and peace of mind that your food will remain hot (or cold) and full of flavour.

No need for microwaving or worries over cooking timing, just keep your food at the perfect temperature for hours ready for serving when you are.

Available in 4 lightweight and easy to clean sizes, they also prove amazingly effective in the home, outdoors or on long journeys.

DEFROST – Place meat in pot, replace lid and return after a full day out to find your meat defrosted but still chilled!

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Don’t let the winter drizzle spoil your sausage sizzle, be the mum with the hot picnic buns… our amazing new thermos pots are so effective you never need serve up another cold meal.

DEFROST - Place frozen item in pot, close lid , go to work - return after 8 hours to find your food defrosted and still chilled!!!!

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Thermos Pot - 1L

Keeps bacon & baked beans warm while cooking your eggs ORDER 3 AND GET $15 OFF Please contact us for postage price

Sales price: $ 20.00

Thermos Pot - 3.5L

Set aside portions for late family members and no need to reheat

Sales price: $ 45.00

Thermos Pot - 5L

Your sizzling sausages, chicken and steak stay warm at parties, picnics & BBQs

Sales price: $ 60.00

Thermos Pot - 2.5L

DINNER PARTIES – Take the stress out of your preparation. Cook in advance and place in pot to keep warm while you cook the next dish, you don’t have to cook 4 dishes in 1 go to keep them succulent and perfect.

Sales price: $ 30.00